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Option 1 -“Free To Play”

Remember when the video arcade machines were set up so no coin was needed? Same idea here, Google and Facebook saw value in providing their employees with complimentary food options. This plan allows you to provide high quality healthy satisfying products to your employees. Encourage a healthy eating environment by providing this service at “Free to play”. We will bill your organization based on consumption.

Option 2 – “We get by with a little help from our friends” Supplement Program

We also offer an option where a single quarter is required to use the machine. We can provide the same healthy high quality products available in the Free to play option we just need “a litle help from our friends” Under this plan  your organization will supplement the cost of the products. This is a really terrific opportunity to provide your employees healthy alternatives for a super reasonable cost.

Option 3 – Pay-Per-Turn  “Hey, got a quarter?”

For this option the employee only pays a quarter. Most of the products in this category are 25 cents with exception of the Dark Chocolate Almonds which are 50 cents.

The high quality nut options are only available under options “Free to play“ and  “We get by with a little help” options.

Option 4 – Combination “Best of both worlds”

For this option we can combine any of the options for various product choices. For example you would really like to have the extra fancy mix, that selection could be a “free to play”. You would also like the Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, that could be a “pay per turn”. You may want to add a third product like the “wholesome medley” with the “we get by with a little help” plan.

The point is we are flexible to help meet your needs.