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About Us

It was a Tuesday afternoon in June 1996. I needed a break so I was off to visit the vending machine. I bought a bag of M&Ms and went back to my desk. Of course if you buy a bag of M&Ms you are going to eat the whole bag. I had always been into fitness, and somewhat health conscious. Nevertheless, by the time I returned to my desk I was just about done with the bag, and on the last one, I felt guilty. I asked myself “Why did I eat the whole bag”? I sat at my desk and thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just buy half a bag or a handful?” and like a bolt of lightning the idea of Wagner Vending was born. Now we have over 1,500 machines in hundreds of corporations in New York City and surrounding areas.

At Wagner Vending, we provide a unique vending service for the office environment. We place antique style candy machines in offices in New York City and the surrounding area. We stock the machines with healthy nut mixes and varieties  as well as gourmet candy and brand name candy. Presenting a unique fun way to provide employees with delicious healthy products. We offer different services to meet your specific needs.